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Filling or Veneers to close a gap in teeth?

I’m going soon to the dentist to get fillings in to close two gaps in my front teeth. Fillings are obviously the much cheaper option, but would they be as strong and effective as veneers? Would they last as long? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff

Dear Jeff,

Using composite filling material to close the spaces between your teeth may work, however aesthetically may not look as nice and natural as dental veneers will. Composite fillings will discolor overtime and the attempt to close the spaces will become noticeable therefore you may find yourself replacing the fillings several times throughout your life. Having this type of dental treatment completed to close your spaces may make your teeth look bulkier and not as uniform. Dental veneers are made of porcelain and are much stronger then composite filling material, therefore can last for years without discoloring or chipping away. We recommend you have a consultation with a dentist that has a lot of training in cosmetic dentistry. Discuss your concerns and if you prefer to have the dental veneers and our concerned about the cost, ask if they will work with you on some type of payment plan.

Post courtesy of Dr. Malone, Lafayette Louisiana Cosmetic Dentist


Is there a procedure that uses both dental implants and a bridge?

I have a space where an adult tooth never came in, have no insurance, and I need something to fill in the gap. The gap seems a little too small to have an implant but I’m not quite sure. I am wondering if there is another way that I can receive an implant together with a bridge? Or if implants can be placed no matter what the space is?

Thanks, Tony

Dear Tony,

There are instances when a dental implant is connected to a dental bridge, however this is not necessary in your case. You have one  missing tooth so your dental options would be either a dental implant or a dental bridge, but not both. However if your space is too small for an implant or a bridge you might be a good candidate for Invisalign, depending on the space location. Invisalign is clear braces and if your teeth are not quite perfect this might be your best option to close the space and have straight teeth. Without insurance a dental bridge can cost up to several thousand dollars and usually takes two appointments completed over a three week period of time. A dental implant from start to finish cost anywhere from $4000 on up and takes approximately six months from the initial placement of the implant to having the crown put on the implant. Invisiline treatment is anywhere from 18 to 24 months and can cost roughly $5000. We recommend you consult a dentist about what treatment options would be best for you, your budget, and your time.

Post courtesy of Dr. Malone, Lafayette Louisiana Cosmetic Dentist



Bad bonding job to close gap – what can be done?

I need to know if dental bonding can be removed without doing any damage to my teeth. I asked my dentist to fix the gap in my front teeth (they were chipped, too, so there was a V-shaped gap). I have not had a lot of experience with this kind of dental repair, but I don’t think he did a good job at all! I’ve seen pictures on the web that look so much better than what my teeth look like right now. There is still a gap, and you can tell where the bonding material begins and my teeth end. In the pictures I’ve seen, the bonded teeth look completely natural. What should I do?

Marcus from San Antonio

Dear Marcus,

I am sorry to hear that you’ve had such a bad experience. You are right in expecting better results. Very few dentists really have the artistic skills to do beautiful bonding work. It is one of the most difficult cosmetic dentistry procedures to master, and requires a high level of training and aesthetic sense.

The good news is that dental bonding is reversible, and can be taken off with a special sandpaper that all dentists have. There should be no damage whatsoever to your teeth.

I hope you won’t let this experience discourage you from seeking a new dentist to complete the procedure to your satisfaction. Look for a cosmetic dentist that is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). ANY dentist can say they do cosmetic dentistry, but it requires many, many hours of specialized training and education to achieve accreditation. I encourage you to seek out someone who can show you pictures of dental bonding work, to reassure you that they have the skill set to do the kind of beautiful work you see in pictures on the web. Good luck!